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Brom-L was created by Cassio van den Berg to share and discuss information and experiences of bromeliad taxonomists and growers. It is like a virtual Bromeliad Society. The most important thing is to exchange Bromeliad information. As a guide, the discussions should focus on:

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After March 2002 the list is hosted by the University Utrecht Botanic Garden, at SURFNET created by Eric Gouda, and archives and subscription can be found there, click here

The list Brom-L has been started by Cassio van den Berg  in 1993 at in Brazil and Eric was one of the first subscribers. Some of the archives are still maintained by the Tropical Database (BDT) in Brasil. To get a full list of messages, use the keyword "index".

There is also an archive for 1993-1995 messages, for 1996 messages, for 1997 messages

Happy growing and blooming.

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