Enthusiast Group (AEG)

<<   for Arisaema Enthusiast Group members will start in spring each year

The AEG SeedEx is one of the benefits provided to AEG members. Although the considerable labor involved is voluntary, the SeedEx expenses are supported by your voluntary donations. Seeds are obtained from your contributions. Even the most common Arisaema seeds are welcome because there are always new members just starting their Arisaema collections. Seeds of other hardy aroids such as Arum, Pinellia, and Zantedeschia are also welcome.

Note that seed donors receive first choice in the distribution. Click her for Permit information for sending seeds to the USA.

Send seed contributions and donations to:
Please make your donation using PayPal (Account: Bromelia Contact Groep also AEG) or Credit Card (use the button on the left, or from your account to e.j.gouda AT uu.nl).
University Botanic Gardens
  AEG SeedEx (E.Gouda)
Budapestlaan 17
NL-3584 CD Utrecht
The Netherlands

A monetary donation of any amount is welcome, but in answer to members questions, typical donations run between €20 and €40 for an order of about 10 items. Please be guided by the value of the SeedEx to you.

After the SeedEx is open for ordering, the seeds will be send in the first batch in Spring and you can await receiving the seeds before donating. Afterward, the SeedEx will stay open for the rest of the year, but you must send a Paypal donation allong with your order to get it processed. This because late orders take much more of my time, but you are welcome to use the seeds as long as available.

Updated by Eric Gouda, 03-05-2021