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< Travel for Bromeliads to Ecuador 2015

Photogaper:Eric Gouda
Description:Bromeliad Photo Safari by José Manzanares, Jerry Raack and Eric Gouda (photographer) to the south of Ecuador
Day 1.12-06-2015—Garden of our small hotel near the airport
Day 2.13-06-2015—Chimborazo, S of Quito (near Tambillo) to S of Chunchi (Cuenca)
Day 3.14-06-2015—Azuay, E of Cuenca, road S of Parque Nacional El Cajas
Day 4.15-06-2015—Azuay, near Gualaceo and side Rd. 59 SW of Portete
Day 5.16-06-2015—Azuay, Rd 35 Cuenca - Loja, S of Cumbe and
Day 6.17-06-2015—Loja, Rd 35, Catamajo - Veracruz, passed Las Chinchas and unnamed side road of Rd 35, near El Apretadero
Day 7.18-06-2015—Loja, Rd 682, Loja to the S, N of Vilcabamba and Loja to the S, S of Yangana
Day 8.19-06-2015—Loja, Rd 35 Cuenca - Loja, passed Zenén and side road of Rd 35 Cuenca - Loja, near Saraguro
Day 9.20-06-2015—Cañar, Rd Azogues - Taday, near Taday and Morona - Santiago, Rd 40, Azogues - Macas, passed Taday
Day 10.21-06-2015—Cañar, Rd 35, Riobamba - Cuenca, S of Zhud and Chimborazo, SE of Alausi, near Guasuntos on the 35 (Panamericana)
Day 11.22-06-2015—Napo, Rd 28c Quito - Baeza, passed Mulauco and Pichincha, W of Papallacta

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